Embedded sensor application with Rust on ESP32

There is a growing adoption of Rust across various domains. One interesting field is development of embedded systems. Rusts provides memory safety and high-level concepts with uncompromised machine level performance. But how mature is the Rust ecosystem for embedded systems? We build an embedded sensor IoT-device using Rust and the ESP32 micro controller from Espressif…

Linux buildroot starter project for .NET and Avalonia UI

Using .NET SDK and a cross platform user interface framework like Avalonia UI enables cross platform development for multiple platforms. While the process is well-known and straightforward on Windows, configuring an embedded target is a bit more complicated. To simplify the process, we supply a starter project at The repository contains a project tree…

Cross-platform user interface frameworks

Today, there are many user interface technologies in the market, claiming to be platform independent or cross platform. While this is generally true, there are lots of technical differences and it is not easy to choose the right technology for a given use case. In this article, we introduce a set of common „big“ frameworks…